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Hints & Kinks for Chatfield Ambulance Service

Patient Care

Everything we do is directed toward the best patient care possible. These F.Y.I. pages are a record of Hints & Kinks we have picked up over the years that aren't "in the book". It is layed out in approximately the order a call occurs.


  1. At this time please start entering your Hints & Kinks in the place you think it best applies. After we start accumulating copious amounts of information we'll look at how to categorize it to help people find what they would like to see.
  2. Go ahead and change or add whatever you like. And if you duplicate items...that's OK! A 30 day history is kept of all changes so we can get back to the starting point if necessary.
  3. Please put your name in the "Author:" box when you add items or make changes. That way we can get with you for clarification if necessary.